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Sub Service Rates in PKR Book Now
ceiling fan installation Ceiling Fan Installation Starting From-300
SMD lights Installation SMD lights Installation Vary After Inspection-150
LED Tv/LCD Mounting LED Tv/LCD Mounting Starting From-800
Switchboard button and socket replacement Switchboard button and socket replacement Starting From-50
Changeover switch Installation Changeover switch Installation Vary After Inspection-700
Pressure Motor Installation Pressure Motor Installation Vary After Inspection-1000
Single phase Breaker Replacement Single phase Breaker Replacement Starting From-300
Single Phase Distribution box installation Single Phase Distribution box installation Starting From-2000
Water Tank automatic switch Installation Water Tank automatic switch Installation Vary After Inspection-600
AC Genera AC General Service Vary After Inspection-1500
AC installation AC installation Vary After Inspection-1200
Mixer tap Installation Repairing Mixer tap Installation Repairing Starting From-500
Single tap Installation & Repairing Single tap Installation & Repairing Starting From-200
Sink spindle change Sink spindle change Starting From-300
Muslim shower replacement Muslim shower replacement Fixed Price-150
Water motor Installation Water motor Installation Vary After Inspection-1000
water leakage in kitchen water leakage in kitchen & washroom Vary After Inspection-1000
Flash button and lever Repairing Flash button and lever Repairing Starting From-800
Hot/cold water piping -
Washroom Accessory Installation Washroom Accessory Installation Vary After Inspection-1500
kitchen /washroom drain blockage -
Automatic Washing Machine Automatic Washing Machine Installation Vary After Inspection-1000
Water geyser Installation & Repairing Water geyser Installation & Repairing Starting From-500
Water tank cleaning (Cement Tank) Starting From-1800
Door lock Replacement Door lock Replacement Vary After Inspection-700
Almirahs & Wardrobes Repairing & Shifting -
Furniture Repairing -
Wood Polish -
Wooden Table &nd Chair Repairing -
AC Repairing Starting From-800
AC Mounting and Dismounting very after inspection-2500
Washing Machine Repairing -
Curtain Rod Installation Starting From-200
Network Cable Installation -
Fan Dimmer Switch Installation Fan Dimmer Switch Installation Vary After Inspection-200
Art Hanging -
Mirror Repair -
Picture Hanging -
Shelf Hanging -
Water Tank cleaning (Plastic Tank) Starting From-1000
UPS Repairing Starting from-500
UPS Installation Starting From-500
Exhaust Fan Starting From-300
New House Wiring Vary After Inspection-4000
refrigerator repairing refrigerator repairing Starting From-500
water pump repairing water pump repairing Starting From-500
Tank Floating wall Tank Floating wall Starting From-500
Water Motor Repairing Water Motor Repairing Starting From-800
Oven Range Service Oven Range Service Starting From-800
Painter Painter Starting From-1500
Electrical Wiring Electrical Wiring Starting From-500
Electric Work Electric Work Starting From-500
Water Tank Supply Issue Water Tank Supply Issue -500
LCD Remote Repairing LCD Remote Repairing Starting From-500
Door Lock and Catcher Door Lock and Catcher Starting From-500
Glass and Aluminium Replacment Glass and Aluminium Replacment Starting From-500
Gas Pipe Wiring Gas Pipe Wiring Starting From-500
Sofa Posish Sofa Posish Starting From-1500
Generator Repairing Generator Repairing Starting From-500
Kitchen Renovation Kitchen Renovation Starting From-500
Wooden Doors Repairing Wooden Doors Repairing Starting From-500
Plumbing Work Plumbing Work Starting From-500
Door pillar lights Door pillar lights Starting From-500
Carpenter Carpenter Starting From-500
Electric heater repairing Electric heater repairing Starting From-600
Fridge repairing Fridge repairing Starting From-500
Fancy light installation Fancy light installation Starting From-500
UPS wiring UPS wiring Starting From-500
Wall Drilling Wall Drilling Starting From-500
Kitchen Cleaning Kitchen Cleaning Starting From-500
Sofa Dry Cleaning Sofa Dry Cleaning Fixed Price-400
Instant Geyser Service Instant Geyser Service Starting From-800
Instant Geyser Installation Instant Geyser Installation Starting From-1000
Gas Geyser Service Gas Geyser Service Vary After Inspection-1000
Gas Geyser Installation Gas Geyser Installation Starting From-1000
PVC wall paneling PVC wall paneling Starting From-500
------- Mason Fixed Price-5000
Commode installation Commode installation Starting From-1500
------ Pipeline Water Leakage Vary After Inspection-0
Spindle Machine Spindle Machine Starting From-500
-------- Drain Pipe Installation Vary After Inspection-0
----- Tank Leakage -1
----- Drawer repairing -0
---- Drawer repairing -0
------ wardrobe channel -0
---- Wardrobe Channel -0
LED TV Dismounting LED Dismounting Starting From-500
--- Sink Installation -0
-- Wardrobe Fixing -0
----- Shed Installation -0
------- Cooking Range Repairing Vary After Inspection-0
Cleaning Cleaning Starting From-500
-- Heater uninstallation -0
--- Carpet fixing -0
--- Swing Repairing -0
---- Solar Geyser services -0
-------- Carpet Cleaning Vary After Inspection-0
Wardrobe Repairing Wardrobe Repairing Starting From-500
Door Lock and Catcher Replacement Door Lock and Catcher Replacement Starting From-500
Door Lock and Catcher Replacement Door Lock and Catcher Replacement Starting From-500
Door Installation Door Installation Starting From-1000
Door repairing Door repairing Starting From-500
-- curtain cleaning -0
Sofa Repairing Sofa Repairing Starting From-300
--- Window Railing -0
--- Ceiling -0
--- Ceiling Work -0
-- Accessory Installation -0
------ kitchen hood repairing -0
---- Carpenter work -0
---- Carpenter work -0
------ Sink Pipe replacement -0
Kitchen Hood Kitchen Hood Vary After Inspection-1000
Fiber Shade Fiber Shade Vary After Inspection-1500
---- Dispenser Fixing -0
---- Curtain cleaning -0

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