Terms & Conditions

All the terms and conditions of Mr. Mahir are listed below. Please feel free to contact us in case of any confusion.

www.mrmahir.com – User Agreement

  • Mr. Mahir is an online platform bridging the gap between service users (customers) and service providers (technicians).
  • For your convenience, make sure you carefully read all the guidelines given on this terms and conditions page before using Mr. Mahir.
  • In these terms and conditions (which are referred to in this document as "these terms"), "Customer" means the customer for whom the Works are to be carried out by Mr. Mahir's technicians (vendors), and "Mr. Mahir" means 'Company.' "Contract" means the agreement between the Customer and Mr. Mahir to carry out the Works.

Scope of Mr. Mahir Services

  • Company offers the Mr. Mahir Platform to support technicians in finding work and help customers avail their services.
  • Company assigns the verified technicians (according to their availability) for the selected service and shares customer's details with them.
  • Customer can change order details or cancel the order if it has not yet been accepted and still has 'received status.'
  • After the task has been assigned to a technician, his details will be shared with the customer through SMS and Mr. Mahir's Website and App.
  • Upon completing the task, the customer can either pay in cash or through online means, that includes Bank transfer, Easypaisa, and JazzCash.
  • After receiving the cash, the technician will pay the agreed-upon due service charges to Mr. Mahir.
  • If the customer transfers the payable to the technician through online means, the technician will transfer Company's service charges the same day.
  • In the event of an extension of any service, both technician and customer should inform Mr. Mahir, or else company will not take responsibility for any mishap, damage, or repair.
  • Our verified technicians will adhere to the customers' specific needs in a manner specified in the technician-company contract.
  • Both technician and customer will provide their reviews about the service after its completion.

Role & Obligations of Mr. Mahir

  • Company connects customers with technicians for offering convenience to the first and employment opportunities to the latter.
  • The age of a technician registering with us should be more than 18 years.
  • The user of our service can either be a company or an individual.
  • Account creation and booking of orders on Company are completely free of cost.
  • At its will, Company may deny allowing any individual the creation or registration of an account with Company or suspend or cancel any existing account.
  • Company takes no responsibility for any aspect of the technician and customer interaction (performance, delivery, description of Services, etc.)
  • We do legal background checks of the technicians during the registration process but do not take any responsibility for wrongdoing by them at the site. In case of any theft or damage (intentional or unintentional), we can only provide you with information about the technician. We would not be able to support you any further if you want to go for legal proceedings.
  • Company has no responsibility to any customer to support or involve itself in disagreement among Company’s platform users expect for enhancing user experience.
  • We provide guarantee for our services for 15 days. After this period Mr. Mahir will not entertain any complain.

User Obligations

  • By agreeing to these conditions, you will all time:
  • obey this Contract and all applicable regulations and laws.
  • post the only correct information on the Mr. Mahir Platform.
  • quickly and competently perform duties to the other user under the Contract.
  • guarantee that You are mindful of all regulations that apply to You as a technician or a customer.
  • Agree that any content (provided by the company, a customer, or Technician) on the Mr. Mahir Platform may not be utilized for other business purposes or on third party sites without asking permission from Mr. Mahir’s.
  • You must not use the Mr. Mahir Platform for any immoral or illegal or activity.
  • You must maintain your Mr. Mahir account by yourself and not sell or transfer your Account, or allow others to use it. You must also know that selling or transferring your Account's contents to a third part is also prohibited.
  • You agree that any information posted on the Mr. Mahir Platform should not be actually or potentially damaging to Mr Mahir or any other individual. Damages include, but are not limited to, financial loss that may or will be suffered by Mr. Mahir.
  • Technicians must deliver Services to the customer in accordance with the Contract, except if the Services are forbidden by law.
  • Technician must not charge a customer any additional fees on top of the advertised fee. Although, the parties to a Contract may decide to adjust the Agreed Price through the Mr. Mahir Platform.
  • It is suggested not to demand payments separate from the Mr. Mahir Platform from the customer. This is suggested for the safety of your payment.
  • If the customer agrees to reimburse any additional amount spent on equipment needed for the process, it will be the your (Technician's) sole responsibility to get the money from him. Mr. Mahir will not be a part of this aspect of the service delivery.


  • Upon agreeing to the Contract, the Technician owes Mr. Mahir the Service Fee, which will be cut from the Decided Fee held in the Account.
  • If the assigned task is enhanced or extended, the increased fee will not be added to the agreed Fees.
  • All charges and fees payable to Mr. Mahir are non-refundable and non-cancellable (subject to the right of Non-Excludable Conditions).
  • Until all Fees are paid, Mr. Mahir may restrict any User account.