Mr. Mahir Terms and Conditions

    The use of services at Mr. Mahir is subject to following terms and conditions. It is mandatory for all users to read and accept these Terms of Use at Mr. Mahir.

    Note: Please note that Mr. Mahir may change these Terms and Conditions with or without notifying the users. The users are therefore advised to keep themselves updated with the changes on their own.

  • Standard service charges of minimum Rs. 500 will be applied each time you call a service provider through Mr. Mahir.
  • These standard charges will be applied if the total charges of your service are less than Rs. 500, however, if your total charges for the service are above Rs. 500 then these service charges will be exempted.
  • In case of any parts required for the repair or fixing, customers can provide those parts. However, Mr. Mahir can also provide these parts but the charges of it will have to be paid by the customer, and these charges will be other than the service charges applied.
  • In case of any pricing conflict, customers can reach out to the Customer Support department for any queries or concerns.
  • In case of poor weather conditions or traffic disruptions, or any other such unfavorable conditions, the technician might get late in reaching your location.

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